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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Week

Hello my dear family and friends!

First, let me answer all the questions that you sent me in the last email.

1) What kinds of food are you eating?  Your companion's dad said that the missionaries sometimes take the members and investigators out to dinner there since you have more money than they do. 
 - I am eating a lot of interesting things. Nothing that wouldn't be completely out of place in America, though. Today I had a qofte sandwich which is basically a piece of bread with little burger sliders in it, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Its really good! Sadly, we don't have enough money to take the members out to eat. I would really like to because a lot of them are struggling financially, but so are we. Its tough to live on 200 Euro a month. 
Qofte sandwich
This guy makes amazing bread

2) Do you have a favorite dish yet?
- So far, my favorite dish is a breakfast item. It's called a samun (sah-moon). What we do is we go around town and pick up sygyk (sausage, basically), eggs, and some cheese. We take all those ingredients to the local brick oven bakery and have them put it all on a a piece of bread and cook it. Ill try and take a picture of it this next week. It is so good!

3) What's the weather like there?
- The weather is really nice. Its a little dryer than MD and it rains quite a bit. Its getting chillier here and I love it. Its probably getting to around 10 degrees Celsius here at night. And apparently in the winter, it snows a ton. 

So those are the questions. Now I will do my very best to recall the weeks events and put them into a captivating and exciting story that will amaze the masses.

We had zone conference this week (which is when Prishtina, Gjakova, Shkoder, and Macedonia all meet up to discuss the work) up in Prishtina. We left around 6 AM and got back to Gjakova at around 9:30 PM. good times were had by all.

The other Gjakova elders have been teaching this family that have been super awesome. They have been coming to church ever since they met the husband and they have been really interested in all the lessons.  The church is true, we are missionaries and we are all children of God. 

One last little story. We have made it a goal to start doing more activities that are outside of church to invite more people to learn about our church. We are gonna try and start and movie night, start an english class, and have a weekly sports night where we play basketball or soccer. Obviously, I have been a bit more zealous to get the soccer night started and we have had a couple days where we played. One was last week and the other was today. We invite a bunch of people to play and we usually have a really good turn out. The only reason they play with us though is because we are American and tall. But hey, whatever works.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the real world. Stay safe!

Elder Allgaier

The church sign in front of our building

The church!
Newly baptized member and missionaries (Elder Allgaier is far right.)

We set this table up every Saturday

The set up
Didn't have many clothes, so I wore a jacket and Xhaxhi to the ATM.
Xhaxhi shoe
Picture taken of Elder Allgaier when it was "stolen" by a little girl who is a member of the church.  
He calls her "Sassy Pants".
Me and the poor broken car. (The wrong gas was put in by ? and so it needed to be towed.)

The best juice in the world!

This is a gypsy (a very poor person).
The rivers here are very dirty.

Hotel Kosvegas!
Walking the kids to school--one of them is "Fancy Pants" who is precious. 
A very good snack thingy a member made for us when we taught at her house.
A beautiful sunrise!

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  1. Wonderful pictures. We can almost taste the food. And it was fun to see you helping to carry the little girl's backpack. Keep up the good work!