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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good morning!

Hey family (and fellow readers) - 

The family we are teaching has an unofficial baptismal date of October 27th! We still have to teach them a couple doctrine principles and make sure they follow them, but I think they will do well and I look forward to writing about them in the next month or so. 

General Conference is next weekend. This coming Sunday will be your standard church and then we will watch conference as a congregation the following Sunday in the translated Albanian. The reason we don't watch it right away is (aside from the time difference) because it takes the translators in Salt Lake some time to translate the conference talk. I think It'll be interesting to watch conference in Albanian, but I don't think I will get as much out of it when I cant understand everything.

I have been talking about the food here lately and I have have picked up a new favorite drink. Its chamomile (herbal) tea. Super delicious and because everyone here drinks tea, It shouldn't be a problem to get a hold of. 

Im sorry these letters home are so staggered and unorganized. I was talking with Hollie and we both agree that it is so hard to fit a weeks worth of events into a single email, especially when you don't have anything to help you remember. I do keep a pretty good journal that I try to update daily, and I have only missed a few days here and there. So maybe when that fills up I can send it home and you can scavenge through that for a good story. 

So here is my spiritual food for thought: (from one of the apostles)

God watches over us and He especially watches over us in times of trial. And this is the coolest part to me: When we feel like He isn't there, He is even closer than ever. 

That about wraps up my week! I hope you are all doing well! Stay safe

- Elder Allgaier
The senior couple in Kosovo (the Jones')

The lovely stroll around the restaurant 

My Mexican Specialty

The Anglisht menu at a restaurant we went to

Funny english spellings
Flower picture

Its gorgeous outside Gjakovë

Outside Gjakovë

All the trash we picked up outside our church doing service.

The basement of the church flooded with about 2" of rain. Elder Peterson doing work with the shop-vac.

Elder Rawlings also doing work.

We plugged the hole with a bunch of rubber gloves.
Cool scripture card

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