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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Email Again (Sorry for the un-creative title)

Hello Dear Family and Friends - 

Another week down here in grand 'ol Gjakovë. I just want to thank everyone who has sent me mail in the past month and a half because I just got it all yesterday! Also, a big thank you to grandma Allgaier for the blanket she made me. It kept me very warm last night. 

As for the weekly round up of events, I don't have many to report on. Things have been relatively slow here, but we did have a fun day in Prishtina yesterday that I will tell you about. 

We had Elder Christopher Charles of the area seventy come and visit Kosovo yesterday and he was able to speak at our sacrament meeting in Prishtina. Obviously with a member of the area seventy coming we wanted as many members as possible to hear him. So we rallied the members here in Gjakova (about 20 all together) and took 2 vans to Prishtina at about 8:30 in the morning. When we finally got there we went into the little church building that we have in Prishtina and it was PACKED full of missionaries, members, and military (they come to church from the military base). I have never seen that building so crowded and it was awesome to know that we were all there for a good purpose. During the meeting, the new members gave their testimonies, President Ford spoke, a soldier woman sang a beautiful song, and Brother Charles gave a really good talk. That was the first full-length sacrament meeting I had been to since I left Utah 3 months ago and it was really good!

After the meeting we all gathered together for a delicious lunch that included roast beef sandwiches, chips, and more brownies than I have ever seen in one place. In was a pretty good meal to say the least.

So that's really the only story I have to tell you all. Enjoy Thanksgiving this week and remember to thank people for the things that they do for you! I promise it wont go unnoticed. I love you all and stay safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Elder Allgaier

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