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Friday, August 2, 2013

Keeping busy at the MTC -- Week 4

Hello my dear Family! (and friends) -
I have learned that I cannot recall anything that I have done during the past week without using some kind of journal. So for this email I will be recalling events as they are written in my journal.
Last friday: Elder Hald and I taught our progressing investigators (our teachers who role-play) and we taught 2 awesome lessons. I cant remember what they were about, but it is so awesome to see how much better I am getting at the language. We have been teaching the past several lessons without any notes and just using the Book of Mormon. We also had Papa Johns for dinner that night. The MTC buys it for the whole west campus and it is delicious. I used to think that i loved pizza, but after eating, how do you say, less than pleasant food for the past 4 weeks, pizza is God's gift to us missionaries. Friday was also our first SYL (speak your language) day. It is so hard to speak only in albanian when you have to try and explain a topic in class, especially when you dont understand the concept in the first place. We played 4 square and that was always super fun (we play volleyball now because our district got too good at 4 square).Only 24,000,000 seconds left in my mission!
saturday: Elder Hald and I taught one of our investigators named Shpetim about what happens after we die. I knew i had this lesson in the bag. We taught from Alma 40  and taught him about the "happy place" that we can go to. I bore my testimony that I know our families can be together forever and that we can be happy if we follow God's commandments. He asked what he needed to do and we said baptism. So long story short, He is getting baptized sometime in August (I forgot what day because I just said a random number that I cant remember). [Shpetim is not a "real" investigator. He's a teacher role-playing as an investigator...otherwise, I'm sure the date would have been a BIG deal!] : )  
Sunday:  I shaved one of my legs.......... pictures included. Missionaries do the weirdest things to stay occupied. Also, church was good.

Elder Allgaier and Elder Jorgensen working on their legs.

Fresh shaven leg

Tuesday: (I didnt write on monday) I sang in the choir again and the main speaker for the devotional was H. Bryan Richards. During his talk he showed a video on Elder Holland speaking. He spoke about Jesus asking in the garden of Gethsemane if what he was doing could be any easier. The same thing goes for missionaries. Although what we do is hard, the work that we will do will echo for eternity.

Wednesday: (yesterday) I am getting so many packages and letters and I love them! thank you so much everyone. If i had time to write all of you, I totally would but time is really tight here.
Im out of time so ill write more next week. I love you all!
- Elder Tyler Allgaier
The three of us eating sunflower seeds.

Weekly motto

An igloo we are building in our freezer

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