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Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Week Bites the Dust

Elder Allgaier leaves the Provo West Missionary Training Center (MTC) on September 3, so get your letters and/or packages to him soon!  Thank you for everyone's support!

This week will be a very interesting week because....drum roll please..... NO ENGLISH! This week is consecration week and everyone in the Albanian group will only be speaking Albanian. IT'll be tough but I think we are all ready to do this. It will also be the last full week before I fly out to Albania and let me just say that I am about done with the MTC. I am ready to go back into the real world and immerse myself in the advertisement filled metropolis of Albania. Just kidding. They arent very high tech. Regardless, I am super stoked to finally go. We actually get our flight plans this friday and we get to see what time we leave in the morning and what airports we fly to. I have heard from one of our teachers that we leave at 3 AM.....bummer. I was hoping to get my beauty rest and for those who have ever flown know that it is near impossible to get any beauty rest on an airplane, much less look graceful while doing it. 

So anyway, this week was pretty good. My favorite part by far was the tuesday night devotional at the Marriott Center. I cant remember who the speaker was, but the choir number that we sang was amazing. It was an arrangement of "Dear Redeemer, Precious Savior" (that may be flip-flopped). I had Elder Jorgensen record it on his camera (dont tell anyone!) but I'll have to do some computer magic to get that from him. maybe by the end of my mission you all can hear it. 

This morning we went to the temple and had breakfast afterwards. I cant remember if I talked about it last week, but the temple food is amazing. That is either embarrassing for the MTC food, or the temple should open up its own restaurant. I had a waffle with strawberries and whip cream, an omelet, sausage, and some milk. It was delicious. 

There is a little thing going around our mission and it is kind of like a disease. We call it "Wupping" or "one-upping". It basically goes like this: Someone tells a story about something they think is cool or something they use to do before their mission and then out of nowhere, somebody else talks about doing or having something similar but theirs is 10x cooler. Its drives me nuts! Im excited to do this consecration week when no one can "wupp" anyone. It'll be sweet bliss. 

Im not gonna end the letter on a sour note, so I will bear my testimony in my broken Shqip:

Unë dëshmoj që Jezu Krishti është Biri i Përëndisë. E di së Jozef Smithi ishte profeti dhe Ai përktheu Libri i Mormonit nëpërmjet fuqise së Përëndia. E di së Përëndia na do dhe Ai do të në jetojmë me Ai përseri. I themi këto gjëra ne emrin e Jezu Krishti, amen. 

Dang that was rough. Autocorrect doesnt do me any good. Anyway, it is all true and I hope you can forgive the colossal spelling errors (you wont know unless you put it into Google translate and im assuming 99% of you will). 

I love you all and I will report back to you next week when I can flas Anglisht!


Elder Allgaier
All the West Campus mailboxes

Me, Linderman, and Clawson at the temple

bus ride home from temple

Me, price, and rawlings being as cute as ever.

Our humble abode



District at temple last week

Me and Vellai Eckel

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  1. Daniel was there when all of the missionaries were headed to the Center!! He thought it looked amazing. He knew you were in the crowd somewhere. We love ya!!