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Friday, July 12, 2013

First Update from MTC

My P-Day is Thursdays here at the MTC and I only get one hour to read and respond to all my emails. I would recommend using Dear Elder because I can write hand letters back and I have more time for that. Sister Daniels is the only one that has sent me one so far. Thank you Sister Daniels! (By the way, physical letters are super awesome. I cant believe how excited I get when someone writes me.) There is an Elder in my district named Elder Clawson and he gets like 5 letters a day. He is officially "That Guy".  (FYI:  Elder Allgaier's most updated address for physical letters is: Elder Jonathan Tyler Allgaier, SEP04 ADRTCS, 2023 North 900 East Unit 815, Provo, UT  84602)

My typical day here at the MTC starts off by waking up at 6:15 AM every morning. Yes, every morning without fail. We then go to breakfast, usually as a district at 6:45. The breakfast is the exact same every morning: Bagels, milk, OJ, some donuts, and a banana. After breakfast we go to class for 3 hours learning either Shqip (Albanian) or how to teach effective lessons. Then we have some additional study time before lunch at 11:20. lunch is ALWAYS either a salad or sub-par sandwich. It's making me sick. After lunch we have more class learning language or gospel study for an additional 3 hours followed by more study. Dinner then rolls around at an unusually early hour of 4:20 (who eats dinner at 4:20?). Anyway, after dinner we will have gym time for 50 minutes and then additional study time. If you haven't noticed already, there is an exorbant amount of study and class time. Easily amounting to 15 hours a day and it fries my brain. (If you write me a Dear Elder I will remember to take a picture of my schedule and send it to you.) Finally, we get together as a district everynight and read the Albanian scriptures. It is a really awesome experience to see our district grow closer together and learn the language.

My companion for the next 8 weeks is named Elder Hald. He is originally from Denmark but has been living in Provo for the last 7 years. He is a BIG DUDE. He is 6'5". Needless to say, I feel pretty small sometimes. He goes to BYU and is majoring in Opera Performance. Sometimes we can hear him singing in the shower.

On the 4th of July the West MTC (where I live) had a devotional that night. After the devotional, we all went outside to watch the fireworks that were going off in the LeVell Edwards stadium after a Mariah Carrey (sp?) concert. It was super awesome. I hear Pioneer day is also a big deal here but I dont know what kind of special events we have planned.

I already talked about it a little bit, but the food is no bueno. You'll have to get the info from Spencer's email to hear about it, but needless to say, I can't wait to leave and eat Albanian food.

The language is definitely difficult. I knew it would be coming in here but I have to remind myself that it has only been a week and I can already pray, teach lessons, bear my testimony, and say "C'Kemi!" (Hey!). I'm waiting for the gift of tongues to kick in so I can really start being a good teacher. Speaking of teaching, The second day in the MTC they told us we had to prepare to teach a progressing investigator (He was an Albanian teacher at the MTC so it wasn't a real investigator). they also told us it had to be in Shqip! It was extremely difficult but my companion and I were able to do it. Just yesterday we finsihed our 3rd lesson with him and asked him to baptized. He said he needed more time but i think he will  be ready next time we teach him.

My apartment is old BYU student family housing and it has 6 guys in it. We areall in the same district and the other two district membersr live downstairs. by the way, I was called to be the District Leader and it is super fun! I have to make sure that all 8 of us stay on track spiritually and with our learning. It's a big task, especially since we have only been here a week, but I know I can do it.

I don't have much more time so I will have to wrap it up, but I love all of you guys and think about you everyday! Write me some letters and Dear Elder's so I can hear from you during the week! it makes it so much better. 'Till next week. Te dua!

- Elder Allgaier

My room. I'm in the back.

Name tag

Our sign hanging on our classroom door

Some of our mission (both districts)

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